Books on Friendship

A Friend Is Someone Who Likes You (Anglund) - this small book contains various descriptions of what friends are or do.

That's What Friends Are For (Heide)

Big Bear to the Rescue (Margolis) - Big Bear goes to great trouble to help his friend, Mr.
Mole, while the other animals make excuses.

Rosie and Michael (Viorst) - two friends alternate their descriptions of the varied
characteristics and behaviours of the other as an explanation of their friendship.

We Are Best Friends (Aliki) - Two best friends are parted when one moves, but each learns to make a new friend through common interests.

Will I Have A Friend? (Cohen) - Two new kindergarten students begin a friendship through sharing of a toy, and a sense of interest in the other.

Rabbit Goes to Night School (Delton) - Though Rabbit has friends with different interests, he makes a new friend through mutual teaching who shares many of his interests.

Fiona's Bee (Keller) - Fiona wants a friend, but is afraid to approach other children; through her unselfish behaviour with a needy bee, she wins the interest and appreciation of several children, who initiate friendship in a variety of ways.

Who Will Be My Friend? (Hoff) A search for a friend ends when someone similar is found.

Crow Boy (Yakimo) A shy Japanese boy is ridiculed throughout his school years until graduation when a sensitive teacher reveals an unusual talent which transforms the boy's image.

My Friend Jacob (Clifton) - a friendship between a mentally handicapped older boy and a young boy.

Like Jake and Me (Jukes) - a stepfather-stepson relationship begins when fears are shared.

Earl's Too Cool For Me (Komaiko) - Earl is perceived as being "too cool" to be friends with the narrator, until they play together one day, and easily overcome differences.

Friends (Worthington) - Children from four different cultural backgrounds become friends despite language barriers.

The Sandwich (Wallace) Vincenzo's "stinky meat" sandwich of Italian sausage first alienates him from his friends, then wins their appreciation when he shares it with pride.

Let's Be Enemies (Udry) - one boy is angry at his friend for being bossy, but this is quickly forgotten as the sun appears and they make plans to play.

I'm Not Oscar's Friend Anymore (Sharmat) - similar plot, which also shows reconciliation resulting from a simple overture.

It's Mine! A Greedy Book (Bonsall) - two friends learn to share precious belongings, and their relationship reaches a new and more satisfying level.

A Bargain For Frances (Hoban) - Frances deals assertively with a manipulative friend, resulting in great respect and a stronger relationship.

Best Friends For Frances (Hoban) - Frances and Albert learn to deal with being left out.

Best Friends (Cohen) - Jim and Paul have a typical misunderstanding which is resolved by sharing an experience, solidifying their friendship.

Frog and Toad (Lobel)

Ernest and Celestine (Vincent)

Bear and Tiger (Janosch)

George and Martha (Marshall)

Duck and Bear (Delton)

Hound and Bear (Gackenbach)

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