Friends... Poetry... and Songs

To A Friend 

By: Helen H. Moore

Let's arrange

to exchange

love and laughter

now and after.

I Like You 

By: Matcuhitto

Although I saw you

The day before yesterday,

And yesterday and today,

This much is true-

I want to see you tomorrow, too!

Love Is 

By: Helen H. Moore

Love is safe a snug.

Love is soft and warm.

Love is a friendly hug.

Love is your good-luck charm.

Different Folks

The kids I know are really neat
One's named Sue and One's named Pete,
Some of them are big and round
Some I know are upside down!

I know some kids, black and white,
Some are sad and some are bright,
Some are short and some are tall.
There are those, but that's not all!

I knew a polka dotted kid!
You think I'm kidding, but I did!
I knew a green kid for a day!
But, her green went away!

With A Friend
By: Vivian Gould

I can talk with a friend
and walk with a friend
and share my umbrella in the rain.

I can play with a friend
and stay with a friend
and learn with a friend
and explain.

I can eat with a friend
and compete with a friend
and even sometimes disagree.

I can ride with a friend
and take pride with a friend.
A friend can mean so much to me!

Make new friends
But keep the old
One is sliver and the other gold

Circle round
That has no end
That's how long I want to be your friend!

Hug o’ War
By: Shel Silverstein

I will not play at tug o'war
I'd rather play at hug o'war
Where everyone hugs
Instead of tugs
Where everyone giggles
And rolls on the rug
Where everyone kisses
And everyone grins
And everyone cuddles
And everyone wins.

A Different Language
Author Unknown

I met a little girl
Who came from another land.
I couldn't speak her language
but I took her by the hand.
We danced together,
Had such fun
Dancing is a language
You can speak with everyone.

Others Are Special
By: Lois Raebeck

Oh, I'm very special as you can see,
but many other people are special like me
There's mother and father, and
sister and brother, and
uncle and aunt and
grandma and grandpa and
friends at school.
Friends at school!
All are special like me and you.

Children of the Rainbow
Author Unknown

Dancing, singing, let's join hands!
Every child understands
Each one's color is just right
To make our world all rainbow bright.

A Real Bouquet
Author Unknown

Everybody has two eyes
Bright as stars they shine
But their color may not be
Just the same as mine.

Brown or blue, gray or green
What difference does it make?
As long as you can see the sun
Shining when you wake

Some folks' hair is very black
Some have blonde or brown
Whatever color it may be
It's a pretty crown

Flowers have so many shades
And I'm sure you know
Many lovely gardens
Where such flowers grow

Children in this great big world
Are flowers in a way
Some are light, some are dark
Like a real bouquet

Did you ever stop to think
How awful it would be
If everybody looked the same
Who would know you from me?


My Friend
By: Jane S. Zion

My friend is nice.
We like to play
We play together every day.
We laugh and cry
And laugh again
Because, you see, we're

By: Langston Hughes

I loved my friend
He went away from me
There's nothing more to say
The poem ends,
Soft as it began-
I loved my friend.


Friends care
Friends share
We need friends

I am Somebody!

I'm a peacemaker, not a troublemaker
I'm friendly, kind, and forgiving
I'm strong and willing
Teach me and I'll learn
Help me and I'll grow
I am somebody!

You cannot give a smile away
No matter what you do.
Every time you give me one
I'll give it back to you!


I had a box of crayons,
All shiny, straight and new.
I lent a friend the red one,
And -- oops -- it broke in two!

My friend said she was sorry,
But I said "I don't care,
'Cause now we both can color
With one crayon -- we can share!"

Different Friends Song
(tune:  Row, Row, Row Your Boat)

Love, love, love your friends,
Different as they seem.
Playing, laughing, joking, helping,
True friends are like a dream!

  Friend of Mine
(tune: Mary Had a Little Lamb)

Will you be a friend of mine,
a friend of mine, a friend of mine?
Will you be a friend of mine
and (insert an action) around with me?

_______ is a friend of mine,
friend of mine, friend of mine,
_______ is a friend of mine,
who (insert same action) around with me.

If You're Friendly and You Know It

If you're friendly and you know it,
clap your hands.
If you're friendly and you know it,
clap your hands.

If you're friendly and you know it,
and you really want to show it,
If you're friendly and you know it,
clap your hands!

By: Jill Eggleston

Friends care.
Friends share.
We need friends

At night when sunshine goes away,
And it's too dark for me to play,
I like to come inside, and look
For new friends in a story book.


A Circle of Friends

    We've joined together as classmates
    as the new year begins,
    A year full of learning
    while we become friends.
    We'll share and be kind
    as we work and we play.
    And our friendship will grow
    with each passing day.


Friends at school
Are big and small.
Friends at school
Are best of all!


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