Non-Fiction Literature Circle Groups

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In the beginning you need to lay a foundation for this type of group.  Do a KWL chart.  Find out what students know about the subject you are reading. A main purpose of a literature circle is to have children share their own ideas in response to their reading and hear the ideas of other students. When they go into Literature Circles assign each group a job. See jobs of lit circles. Animal report questions that can be used as discussions in Literature Circles.:

These questions can pertain to people or places and some to animals.

Questions that may need answering:

1. What information surprised you when you were reading over the chapter?

2. Why is this person (place) famous?

3. What was their most successful accomplishments?

4. Why was living during their lifetime special?

5. If the person was here right now, what would you like to tell them?

6. How could you use this information to relate to your life?

7. What was the most interesting thing you read?

8. What questions would you ask the author?

9. How can we find out more about this person, place, or thing?

10. What would you of done if you were the character in the book?

11. What kind of background information did the author need to write this book?

12. Was the story convincing?

13. Would you like to learn more? Why? Why not?

14. How can you tell this is a non-fiction story?

15. What are the facts? List some of them.

16. If you were a reporter and could go back in time to interview __________ what would you ask?

17. You are a detective. What information have you found out that others may not of known about this person, place or thing?

18. A question about this person, place or thing is_________________.

18. I wonder if...

19. What if...

20. How did this person, or place make a difference in history?