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Visitor's Name: caLannye hunt Jackson
Homepage URL: http://
You are from: Dallas, Texas
Comments: Great job. I've shared this Web site with my students and co-workers.
Sign Time: September 05 2002 at 15:42:30

Visitor's Name: sherry walker
Homepage URL: http://
You are from: MASSCHUSETTS
Comments: Almost a year later, I am still in shock. I still can't believe this happened. Unfortunately, so many people just want to forget what happened and also some want to pretend that it never did. We can't forget what happened to our great nation. My son, who just got out of the service said the reason it happened is because America thought noone would dare do this to us because we are such a great nation. We are a great nation but, noone is protected from terrorism and last year that was proven to us. Noone is protected from terrorism and we all have to be on our guard, so next time this won't ever happen again. I heard a few weeks ago that one of the fighter jets was ordered to shoot down one of the planes was going to crash into one of the buildings. He couldn't do it. If he had done it, only 200 and something lives would have died instead of thousands and we would still have the WTC. A small price to pay for the thousands of lives? Every life was precious that was lost and we should never forget them. Keep the lights burning on the 11th this year in your car and at least one light in the house to rememeber them all. So when our loved ones look down from heaven they will see the world hasn't forgot them and never will. Sherry
Sign Time: September 05 2002 at 08:43:58

Visitor's Name: Leanne
Homepage URL: http://
You are from: Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Comments: Your site is beautifully done. It is a tragedy what happened and Americans need to know that it affected people around the world. Everyone I know cried that day and the days to come. When you see stories of the people that lost their lives it breaks your heart. It is heart warming to see how the United States has banned together and shown their Unity. You live it a great Nation and we are Proud to be your neighbours.
Sign Time: September 02 2002 at 13:54:05

Visitor's Name: John Giuffre
Homepage URL:
You are from: Long Beach, Ca
Comments: Thank you for your wonderful and loving website.
Sign Time: August 29 2002 at 23:38:38

Visitor's Name: Mindy Mead
Homepage URL: http://
You are from: c.c. tx
Comments: i am writing a report for my class about the day i send my love for those who lost their love one may GOD BLESS YA'LL
Sign Time: August 28 2002 at 20:59:13

Visitor's Name: doris wilson
Homepage URL: http://
You are from: kansas
Comments: I am a soldier in the US Army for the last 14 1/2 yrs. And it take 9-11 to appreciate what we do or the people who help guard our country. I hope and pray this will never happen again. And I hope this will keep the US strong forever and always be one SFC Wilson
Sign Time: August 27 2002 at 22:12:28

Visitor's Name: Ada Swanson
Homepage URL: http://
You are from: North Syracuse, NY
Comments: What a wonderful job you did with those children helping them work out some of their feelings and understandings through the writing. It does truly tear at your heart when you think about the tragedy and all it represents. Thank you for doing this and for sharing what your students have done. You did a wonderful job! Your students are lucky to have you.
Sign Time: August 27 2002 at 01:30:02

Visitor's Name: Alvin
Homepage URL: http://
You are from: United States of America
Comments: It is without doubt that what you have done is a pure demonstration of this Nations caring and patriotism. As a teacher you bring to students, parents and fellow countrymen alike the full meaning of, "I am an American".
Sign Time: August 21 2002 at 13:12:37

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