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***October 27, 2002 ~ I have discovered many links aren't working.  I have added some new links.  I am in the process of finding more.  So, if the link you are trying doesn't work, please be patient.  Many of these have been removed from the server, for whatever reason. ~ Tooter4Kids

for all your venn diagrams,graphs, reports and many other printable items.
Queensland Museum Arachnid Page
Webs of Life from Dragonfly Magazine Arachnology
- The study of Spiders: Link closing on Nov. 30th,2002
CSIRO Spider Identification and Advice Service
Jumping Spiders of America

Jumping spiders of America North of Mexico

Spiders are not Insects: Reading Comprehension


Golden Orb Web


A spider that cares for its young
- The wolf spider
Ed Nieuwenhuys' Spider Pages from Holland

The Spider page

Victorian Spiders
- A great page to find out about spiders in Victoria (Aust)
Spiders of the World
- An interactive excercise involving students
Fascinating World of Spiders
The Bug Club -
 A great page for kids about bugs and spiders
Spiders and Scorpions - Pest Management Strategies NASA experiments on Spiders

Doug's Tarantula Page

   My Tarantulas

Tarantulas @ nationalgeographic.com

The Electronic Zoo
 - All types of animals, including spiders
Nancy Ferguson's Year 3 Spider pages
 - Great research on spiders
Spider Patch
- Tarantulas for sale, wouldn't we all love one!
Australian Museum's Spider Pages Everything you wanted to know about (Belgian) spiders Insect Answers - Spiders Searching for Spiders 
- Jason Project

Tarantula Tour 
- All about Tarantulas

In the Classroom
- Teaching Guide of spiders
Spiders Live
- Scienceworks Museum 
American Tarantula Society
Answer Sleuth 
- spiders
Spiders - 
at discovery.com, a great site!!
Aracnis - 
European spiders and their kin.
Octopodal World of Spiders
 NEW`  ~   Steve Aussie's  Spider Pics      
Insects and Spiders
world's largest etc.


Worldwide Webs World of c
- good diagrams
Spider Photos

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Other web sites :

A neat game of concentration using spiders:

Spider Memory

Spider Treasure Hunt


 Bug World Spiders

Biggest Spider

Spiders~First Grade