Father's Day

You're funnier then Jim Carey.

You're sweeter than a rose.

But what matters is

That you're my dad and--

You don't have large, hairy toes.

You're better at baseball then

Mike Piazza,

You're better at every game.

If you were not my dad!

That would be a shame!!

By: Erik

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My father is like the sun shining.

    My father is like a rose sitting in the rain.

My               My father is like the glimmering stars in the dark sky.

           My father is like a rainbow after a rain shower.

                   My father is like hundreds of birds soaring in the air.

    My father is like the big, round world. 

                 My father especially loves me and I love him, too.


By: Jenna

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My Father Is The Best

Every day my dad comes home from work

     and gives me a kiss.

Sometimes a hug.

Even if he doesn't

I still love him.

When he got hit by a car

And came home from the hospital,

h                                     He still came out to watch 

                                        my brother and I play games.

                                                                   My dad is so caring.

     Wild horses wouldn't stop him from 

loving and caring for us.

        I hope that my dad will live for a long time.

                      The one that cares and  loves me is...

my dad.

By: Jaime

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My Nice Father

My nice father helps my family

And cares for other people and for the poor.

    My father is like a cardinal, singing a love song,

The North star

lighting up the night

And the bright sun that

gives us light.

He's like a rainbow making the sky


By: Jonathan

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You are the " Big Guy"

Just like the silver-back gorilla.

You're one of a kind

You think with your own mind.

You are the very, very, best and--

You don't have a hairy chest.

You are stronger then a bear and--

You have a nice style of hair.

If I didn't have you

I wouldn't know what to do!

By:  Andrew

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     Father's Day, Father's Day comes every year.

            Father's Day, Father's  Day, is really almost here.

           Father's Day, Father's Day, is a very special day.

If I did not have you

I wouldn't know what to say!

By: Patrick

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My Father Is The Sunshine

My father is the sunshine

His rays light up my heart,

When he shines on the Earth

It makes me cry.

Even though he is the sunshine

He still loves me so.

But best of all, he is still the

best father in the world.

By: Seth

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My Special Father

My father is as special

as the stars in the sky,

A blue bird singing,

The sun rising,

A flower blooming in the sunlight,

All the colors of the rainbow.


The beautiful ocean.

Happy Father's Day!

By: Meghan

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My Father

My father is like a rose that just bloomed.

          My father is like the moon shining in the dark sky.

My father is like a rainbow filling up the sky.

My father is like the stars twinkling in the

black night.

Happy Father's Day.

By: Kerri

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Father's Day

Father's Day is coming.

Our family celebrates.

We give him cards that say,


What a wonderful, fun day.

My dad is like a daisy

He shares, he isn't lazy.

He works with tools and

Doesn't make rules.

My dad is really special.

By: McKenzi

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My Father

My father is so sweet.

He makes my heart skip a beat.

When I cry

He wipes the tears

Out of my eye.

My Dad is so special!

Happy Father's Day!

By: Shaina

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A Hard Working Father

Dad, you are like a hard working star

giving off light in the night.

Dad, you are the best.

You're the one who is always caring,

and loving me.

Always watching me to make sure I'm safe.

             You're the one who helps me when I'm sad and hurt.

Always playing games with me.

Helping me with my problems.

Taking care of us every day.

Working very hard every day and night.

Dad, if you were not my father

I wouldn't be the same.

By: Jimmy

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My Wonderful Father

   My father is like the dew drops in the warm sun.

Hr's like the cool breeze in the mist.

 He has a lot of humor and he likes to tell jokes.

My father is like a beaver building it's den

Because he is always working, so very hard.

Everyday when he comes home from work

He goes into the garden or in the clock shop.

But, with all of this 

he still finds the time to love

me, too.

By: Linda

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My Greatest Dad

He's always going to work.

And he comes hone very greasy.

   Dad, I love you more than anything in the world.

He's better than 20,000,000 gold rings.

Better than the three pyramids of Giza.

More then Pharaoh's gold.

You have a golden heart.

You're worth more than all my stuff.

I love you.

By: Daniel

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