Today, June 5, 2001, we discussed the word moment, and how it would apply to the poetry we would be doing today.  I then asked them to choose a piece of paper, that I had put into a box, with different titles on it..  They were to write on what  they had chosen. I asked the children to move me. Make me feel your emotion!   This is the result.

My Sickest Moment

My sickest moment was on June 15, 1999.

It was my birthday.

I was at the beach, and...

I threw up!

It was from drinking salt water.

I went crazy!!!

After that I was very calm.

We went home and I continued to be calm.

But, I did not want to move after that.

I felt like a boat sinking in a river,

some ducks getting lost in a pond,

and a weight pounding on the ground.

By: Patrick

My Happiest Day

I felt most happy when I won

"The Best Citizenship Award".

Flashing the tears of joy away

My heart cheerfully and carefully skipped a beat

Inside of me the sun was shining brightly.

The flowers that I held smelled sweeter

than maple syrup.

Beautifully the day ended.

My most happiest.

By: Jamie

My Saddest Day

One of my saddest days was when my

wonderful, brown, black, and white hunting dog


He as hit by a car.

A man found him in the middle of the road.

I cried and cried and cried until

my eyes were red.

Soon after, my grandfather died because

a part of his body burst.

It was sadder than the saddest day or

anything in the world.

Everyone in the church was sobbing with tears.

I felt so horrible.

I sat up in my bed that night and sobbed, until the

tears formed drops on my cheeks.

But, I know that it was time for my grandfather to go.

To go into heaven.

By: Linda

The Best Day of My Life

The best day of my life

is when it is summer.

The sun is shinning brightly,

the moon is glowing just like the stars,

and the planets.

The planets, Pluto, Mars, and Venus are

in the dark sky above.

As I walk into my house I remember glancing

back at the beautiful, summer's sky.

By: Daniel

My Happiest Day

I was most happy when I got my dog.

I loved to play with her.

Her black coat was very soft.

I liked to pet her.

She played fetch and Frisbee.

Her bed was by the closet.

Her name was Bonny.

She liked the soothing breeze on a sunny day.

I did, too.

She was a very gentle dog.

I was so excited

I wished that day could come again

and again,

and again!

By: Julie

The Worst Day of My Life

The worst day of my life was

when my sister pushed me in my huge pool.

I almost drowned in there.

When my mom saw me she got me out.

I got really mad at my sister.

She wanted me to jump in the pool.

But, she pushed me in.

It was not fun.

My mom told my sister that was

not how to teach your brother!

You have to teach him in a nicer way.

And she did!

By: Michael

When I Was Most Proud

When I was most proud

I was in a food competition.

You had to eat a whole pie without any hands!

The man said," The food competition begins now!"

I started eating like a hungry pig.

I completed it, never stopping.

Then the announcement of the winner came.

I was shaking like an old geezer.

I came in THIRD place!

My heart was beating like a five time weight lifter.

I was so proud.

By: Erik

My Saddest Moment

I see her everyday.

I always ask her if she is feeling better.

It's always the same

In the middle of the night

I hear crying.

It's my dad sitting by the window crying,

the phone's on the floor.

I ask dad why he is crying.

He tells me that grandma died.

I run up the stairs and jump onto

my bed and began to cry.

My grandma will have a better life

in heaven

without any pain.

But, I miss her

so very much.

  By: Kerri  

(This really didn't happen, Kerri told me later on, but it sure moved my emotions and brought me into tears!)

When I Was Most Scared

When I was most scared

it was when I was coming to school.

There were four cars and I almost

got run over!

But, I didn't.

I came to school safely.

I was so scared.

I ran and ran and ran

to the other side of the school.

I wasn't hurt.

Just scared!

By: Ryan

My Saddest Moment

My most saddest moment in my life was

when I woke up and heard

screaming and yelling going on.

My heart beat was pounding very fast.

It was my mom and dad....


I went downstairs into the kitchen.

I tried to stop the horror of the fighting,

And also tried to stop the horrible yelling and

screaming that was going on.

My mom said that she wasn't going to be here


I ran very quickly up to my room.

My tears were like very broad rain showers.

I was scared and sad my mom was going to leave me.

But that never happened.

Mom and dad made up

and became friends,

as usual.

By: Jenna

My Bravest Moment

My bravest moment was when

I ran to get my dog out of the woods

all by myself.

I had to go across the street

But, thank goodness there wasn't any cars.

Then I saw my dog.

He was chasing a rabbit.

I jumped in front of my dog and grabbed him!

I knelt down and I petted him.

I took him home.

I was brave because you see...

I was only FIVE years old.

By: Seth

My Most Frightened Moment

My most frightened moment was when my dad came

 home from work and was watching T.V.

He banged his toe

and started to faint.

My mom said, "You're scaring me!"

"What's wrong?" I said.

I wanted to know what was happening.

When I did my heart was hardly pounding-

Tears were streaming down my face.

We had to go to the hospital.

I thought I would never see my dad come home.

But, he did!

On crutches!!

By: McKenzi

My Saddest Moment

My saddest moment was when my

mom and dad got divorced.

It was scary and sad.

My dad told me he had to move.

I didn't understand why.

I kept on asking,"Why?"

He did not tell me.

I found out how scared I really was.

I  heard police sirens the next night

coming to my house!

That was the saddest moment of my life!

By: Philip

My Bravest Moment

My bravest moment was 

when I stood up for myself.

My cousin, who is 15 years old

is huge and really mean to all 

my other cousins.

So one day I saw

he was chasing, Lara.

I got really mad.  

It felt like I was smoking inside .

I began chasing him, with a mean face.

Then he stopped.

He left Lara alone.

I felt brave because

I stood up to an older kid.

By: Shaina