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In remembrance of September 11, 2001, I decided to teach the children about "Our Flag". The 2,819 people who died in the World Trade Center died as heroes!  I thought a patriotic theme would be a wonderful way to express our feelings and honor them. 

We will be studying the history of the flag, Betsy Ross, the Pledge of Allegiance and its meaning, Francis Scott Key, Uncle Sam, and many patriotic songs to go with this unit. Then we will do some poetry and write about our current feelings concerning 9-11.  Don't forget, last year, these children were in First Grade.

I hope this will inspire some of you to teach a little bit about our country and what has happened. Heroes do exist and our children should learn about them, too.

~Susan Stein

Grade 2

                 by: Mary Pope Osborne

                 America: A Patriotic Primer

                 by: Lynn Cheney



Hear "Let Freedom Ring"

Go to the web page for:

 Kay Seamayer







9-11 Song with Words


Saints and Heroes


Our Beaded Pin Project



 Richard L. Provencher ~ Author


Let Freedom Ring


I'm A Hero~ Poem by a 4th Grader


A Tribute To My Uncle ~ Poem by Kurtis (12 years old) who lost his uncle on 9-11



The books are geared toward children in kindergarten through fifth grade.

What Freedom Means To Me, JUNE 0-9706341-2-9 (Hardcover)
General Jones teaches Claire and Robbie that with freedom comes responsibility.

Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Jellybeans,
JULY, 0-9706341-6-1  (Hardcover)
Claire learns from Ben Franklin that the Fourth of July is more than fireworks, itıs the celebration of our basic freedoms.






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History of our Flag  Betsy Ross 

 Francis Scott Key

Star Spangled Banner  Pledge of Allegiance

Our Remembrance of 9-11

WTC Tragedy  How to Display Your Flag    Folding the Flag           

Poetry for the Class    Patriotic Songs
Flag Word Search Uncle Sam

 American Flag Cinquain

Independence Day Gettysburg Address Remembrance Poem
I Am The Flag Flag Timeline Our Traveling Flag
*9-11 as History  NYPD Memorial ~ Heroes More Patriotic Symbols
  A Tribute to Our Heroes 9-11 Photos Heroes Remembered
Young Widows   America







American Flag Cinquain

Word Search
Word Scramble


Lesson Plans for Educators

Patriotic Coloring Pages
Patriotic Activities and Crafts   Patriotic Wind Chimes 

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