Each month two people from our class will tell you what we have been doing at school.





 Jaime/Linda  Seth/Chris






 Jimmy/Patrick Philip/Ryan



                      By:  Andrew, Daniel, Erik

       We would love to tell you about our Second Grade Class and our loving teacher. 
      We loved our thrilling trips, because we learned so much wonderful, spectacular, stuff.  We went to Brookhaven National Lab and some other great trips.

          Mrs. Stein is the one who teaches us about life and safety that guides us.  Mrs. Stein has taught us some outstanding types of poetry.  We have been reading some really neat books.  We have had some extraordinary fun at all the parties that we have had in class.

          I hope you love Mrs.Stein's website.



By: Jaime, Linda

     Hi! Welcome to June and Mrs. Stein's Second Grade Class.  Here's the News of the Year...Jaime and Linda (which is us!) would like to tell you a little bit about Mrs. Stein and our class.  At the beginning of the school year, Linda and I thought this was going to be the worst year of all.  We were very nervous. That thought really changed!!!!  First we learned that Mrs. Stein had her own website and a lot of things we did she published.  Soon she introduced us to the Priority Mailbox.  We go get a piece of paper when we do a good deed. 

     Now we'll tell you about the middle of the year.  Mrs. Stein taught us how to write poetry.  She started reading chapter books and fairy tales.  We had parties for holidays and it was quite fun.  Now we are talking about the end of the year. It went so fast.

    Mrs. Stein is reading some Tall Tales and tomorrow we are going on a trip to the Bronx Zoo. Soon we will have our end of the year picnic.

     Mrs. Stein has helped us get through the year and made this year the BEST one.

     We, and the rest of the class,  have no clue as to what we're going to do without her next year! 


By: Seth, Chris

     Seth remembers Mrs. Stein's class: "Mrs. Stein's class was fun.  She helped Chris and I in math.  She did a lot of spelling tests with us.  She was very creative in poetry.  Her activities were so much fun.  Mrs. Stein is very nice.  She is the best.  I will miss you, Mrs. Stein."

     Chris said," Mrs. Stein's website is really cool!  I will miss poetry.  I loved studying about Egypt, and doing book reports."

     We both do not want to leave Second Grade!




By: Julie, Maria

     Our teacher is very nice.  She helped us brainstorm and learn to read, do math and other things.  Some classmates are nice and kind, helpful, but some get into trouble and are not so kind.

     We do a lot of poetry. We did, Haiku, Diamonte, Limericks, acrostic, rhyming, what to do if you were..., animal, rain, spring and flowers.  As you can see we do a LOT of poetry.

     We also do Literature Circles.  The jobs are: Wild and Crazy Word Finder, Discussion Director, Art Director, Connector Director, Summary Director and Selection Director.




By: Jenna, Marissa

     Mrs. Stein has been reading us tall tales.  Our class has a "Singing Teacher".  We sang songs for our Holiday Buffet, Mother's Day Tea, and we will sing at the End of the Year Picnic.

     We do lots of poetry in Mrs. Stein's class!  Mrs. Stein is the only Second Grade Teacher who does lots of poetry!

     We did Literature Circles.  It is fun to do all these things in Mrs. Stein's class because she makes learning more fun and Literature Circles easier.

     We went on a lot of trips in the past year.

     Mrs. Stein's class is the best Second Grade class.  She teaches a lot of through the year.

     Everyday when we come into school she has something for us to do.  The class comes to school happy because she has something exciting to teach us everyday.

     Mrs. Stein always goes on her website to show the class new and interesting activities on the web.

     She is a warm - hearted teacher and the best in the world!



By: Meghan, Kerri

     In the past year Mrs. Stein has been teaching us a lot of poetry, which we are good at.  Mrs. Stein has been reading us a lot of Tall Tales.  Each month Mrs. Stein picks a name out of the Priority Mailbox.  We studied Egypt and watched some videos about it.  She taught us songs and sign language for a poem.  Mrs. Stein has been making our brains bigger and gets them to think!



By: Tyler/Jason

     On June 1, 2001, we are going to the Bronx Zoo.  We will also be talking about the rainforest.  

     We have done lots of different poetry like Haiku, Onomatopoeias, Bio poems and other poetry.  

     We also do Literature Circles, lots of dictionary work and writing activities.  We're learning about heroes. Let's not forget Tall Tales.

     We learned about Hawaii and Egypt.  

     We went on lots of trips.



By: Shaina, McKenzi

     Welcome to Mrs. Stein's Second Grade class!  This is what has been happening throughout the year.  We've done fun things!  We had a Halloween Party, the class sang songs for Christmas, and a Mother's Day Tea.  At all these parties we  sang to our moms and dads.  

     I bet this is the best Second Grade Class ever!  In this class a lot of bad things are changing to good, because of Mrs. Stein's helpful ways.  Here all the kids are learning.  Mrs. Stein has been a thoughtful, loving teacher all year long.  Because of her help, this is the best class.



By: Philip, Ryan

     We have the best teacher on earth!

     We have read the best books and one is called Mike Fink. Tomorrow we go to the Bronx Zoo.  We have the best friends and we learn a lot of things in this class.  We will miss Mrs. Stein.



By: Jonathan, Alex

     We read a lot of books this year.  Mrs. Stein has lots of posters in the classroom.  We do lots of poetry and Literature Circles.  We have a wall with words called a Word Wall.

     We are going to the Bronx Zoo and having an End of the Year Picnic.

     Mrs. Stein is a loving caring person. We are going to miss our teacher, Mrs. Stein.




By: Jimmy/Patrick  

     In September we met the best teacher ever!  She has taught us a lot of things.  She is loving, caring, and kind.  

     Throughout this school year we have read many books.  Some of  the ones we liked are:  Donavan's Word Jar, Mike Fink, Paul Bunyan, Rip Van Winkle, John Henry, Pescos Bill, and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

     We have many memories in this classroom.  Lots of poetry, group activities, and... we'll miss our teacher a lot!


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