The class and I have enjoyed doing so much writing this year that I decided to just make links to all of our writing. 

Please enjoy what we have done thus far.

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 Class of 2002-03

WTC Anniversary- Our Feelings and Thoughts

 Apple Poems



My Third Eye

Words, Words, Words

Someone Who Taught Me Something


Stein's Holiday Tongue Twisters

Our Magic Tree House Stories

Bio Poems



Fractured Fairy Tales and other stories 



Class of 2001-02 

WTC- Our Feelings and Thoughts



Candy Poetry and

Chocolate Activities

Fractured Fairy Tales



Yaphank Training Center


Rain Poems








  Poetry 2000-2001


 Hawaiian Poems




Bat Poems

Spring Poems

Yaphank Training Center

Facts we learned about fire.


Rain Poems

Sorry, this link has been removed.




Father's Day Poems

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