Earth, Moon, and Sun
Claudia Lewis
While the earth spins on,
Turning, turning
Toward the sun,
The moon floats by
In its circle
In our sky.
And while it floats,
Earth and moon, two in one,
Rush on
With the bright planets
In a ring
Around the sun.
And as they rush
And swing
And turn
The gases of the sun
And burn.




My Dream
Annie Lee Funk
I dreamed I sat down on the sky
And cut out stars all day;
Then scattered them at purple dusk
To light the Milky Way.
I dreamed the Old Man Moon came up
And whispered in my ear:
"You'll have to clear away those stars
When morning dawns, my dear!"

Outer Space 

By:  Carol Weston

I look up from Earth and try to see

The planets looking back at me.

I gaze at bright and distant stars

And search for Mercury, Venus, Mars.

I squint at the Milky Way way up high

And look for Jupiter in the sky.

Where are Saturn, Uranus, Neptune?

They're far away, high like the moon.

A telescope would be the best

For spotting Pluto and the rest.

I look for planets in the sky.




Solar System Math 

By: Meish Goldish

What's in our solar system?

Lots of things!

Here, let's list them:

9 planets around the sun

+ moons around most every one

+ asteroids flying out in space

+ meteoroids all over the place

+ comets soaring

+ dust

+ gas

= our solar system, a giant mass!

Our Special Earth
Our Earth is very special,
As special as can be,
Though it's not the closest planet
To the Sun--that's Mercury.
It's not the hottest planet,
That's Venus--"Evening Star,"
It's  not the biggest planet,
That's Jupiter by far.
It's not the smallest planet,
That's Pluto--cold as ice,
'It's not famous for its reddish tint,
That's Mars--to be precise.
It's not a ball of gas like
Uranus and Neptune,
It has no rings like Saturn's,
It only has one moon.
But Earth's alive with animals,
With flowers, grass, and trees.
And best of all our special Earth
Is home to you and me.
The Family of the Sun
The family of the Sun,
The family of the Sun,
Here are nine planets in
the family of the Sun.
Mercury is hot,
And Mercury is small.
Mercury has no atmosphere.
It's just a rocky ball.
Venus has thick clouds,
That hide what is below.
The air is foul, the ground is hot,
It rotates very slow.
We love the Earth, our home,
Its oceans and its trees,
We eat its food, we breathe its air,
So no pollution, please.
Mars is very red.
It's also dry and cold.
Someday you might visit Mars
If you are really bold.
Great Jupiter is big.
We've studied it a lot.
We found it has 16 moons
And a big red spot.
Saturn has great rings.
We wondered what they were,
Now we know they're icy rocks
Which we saw as a blur.
Uranus and Neptune
We don't know much about.
Maybe you will study them
And then we'll all find out.
Pluto's last in line.
It's farthest from the Sun.
It's small and cold and icy, too.
To land there won't be fun.
The family of the Sun,
The family of the Sun,
There are nine planets and
Now our journey's done.



Our Solar System

Lift Off

The Sky