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  June 30, 2008 Learn Spanish WorkSheet Library  ( Worksheet Library is home to over 5,000 printable K-6 worksheets for teachers, parents, and homeschoolers. Many of our worksheets are available at no charge. ) 




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AAA Certificates

Achievement Award Certificates

Addition & Subtraction Puzzles

All About Me

It's All About Me, Special Needs Unit

First Alphabet printables


 Alphabet Chart-Clickable

Alphabet Coloring Book

Alphabet Letter Activity Sheets

Alphabet Sheets 

Alphabet Stencils

Animal Printables

Apple Acrostic Poetry

Apple Graph

Apple Survey

Awards from Billy Bear- create your own

Awards to Download

Award Generator

Award Maker-Billy Bear

Award Maker from Lakeshore Learning- online award maker lets you reward students for a job well done, customized award certificates

Awards for Preschool kids


Awards-Printable pdf.

Make Awards





Back to School Worksheets

Big Space Writing Paper


Bingo-Custom made cards

Black Dog's Awards and Congratulations ~ send via e-mail
Black History Crossword Puzzle

Black History: Stamp on Black History,

Bookmarks: Happy Summer Bookmarks

Brown Bear Mini Book (PDF)




Casa Notes (English &Spanish)

Certificates from Crayola

Certificate Creator
Certificate Maker  

Certificates for End of Year

Create Free Educational Worksheets

Christmas Certificates

Christmas ~December Holidays

Christmas Holiday Worksheets ~ Many to choose from

Christmas Stories, poems, etc.

Classroom Organization

Coupons ~ No Homework Coupons

Create a Venn Diagram

Create Your own Awards

Critical Thinking/Brain Teasers

Cursive Desktop Chart

Custom Writing Paper







Dad - Best Ever Award 

Dad -Best Ever Dad send this award e-mail

Dad- Coloring Award for Dad

December Holiday Banners

December Holidays

Dictionary Word Sort Gameboard

Did you know?  Great for Award templates
Dinosaur Data Files

Dinosaur Printables 

Dinosaur Writing Paper 







TOP 1 2 your own grade

Educational Worksheets

End of Year Certificates

ESL KidStuff

ESL - Printable FREE Lesson Plans at esl-lounge

EZ Worksheets





Fall Mini Book (pdf)


Free Print-outs

Free Worksheets and Educational Resources

Free Worksheets and posters




Gigglepotz ~ Curriculum ~Must visit has everything.

Gift Tags

Gingerbread Man Unit

Good Citizen Certificate  free to print

Graph~ Bar template

Graphic backgrounds for Educators

Graphic Organizer Worksheets

Graphic Organizers- Common Multipurpose

 Grade 2

Graduation Clipart

Graduation Clipart 2

Greatest Mom Award  print this out

15 Region Graphic Orgainizers -Literacy assessments, etc. English and Spanish




Halloween Worksheets from EdHelper

Halloween 2 Learn.Ca

Halloween: Spelling Hub for Halloween (This is done on-line)

Halloween Theme

Halloween-Pumpkins and Halloween Themes

Handwriting For Kids-cursive, manuscript, Spanish, and animations-great site!

Handwriting Help (K-3 and older)

Handwriting Sheets

Handwriting Worksheet Maker

Handwriting Worksheet Maker ~Just another page of the above

Handwriting~ Create customized handwriting worksheets and lessons in cursive and manuscript with Startwrite handwriting software.

Handwriting for Kids

Handwriting Sheets- Preschool-Kindergarten

Hanukkah Worksheets

High Frequency Word Lists

How to Make a Pop Up Card 

Heart Bingo

Helpful Teaching Extras

Holidays and Seasonal

Holiday Word Search








Incentive Charts
Interactive Standards and Benchmarks

Interactive Sites-Grade Specific


Kids Page



Language and Literacy Worksheets

Language and Math Worksheets

Language Arts Worksheets,

Learners Online

Learn Spanish

Lesson Plans, etc.

Lesson Tutor: K - 12 educational content is organized to save you time, frustration and search engine overload as you chose from our lesson plans, teaching and study notes, and printable worksheets that have been used with great success in homes and classrooms world-wide.

Letter Generator:Online

Lined Paper

Literacy~ Reading

Literacy Sheet: Print and do








KidZone Math

Dynamic Math Sheets ~ Grades 1-5

Make Awards  ~ lots of great choices

Free Worksheets - Primary(math)

Make Awards for Children

Main Idea Outline

Main Idea Lesson Plan for Outline

Maps: World

Math ~ Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division

Math Goodies Grades 4-9

Math Fact Cafe

Math - Ice Cream Cone Match student worksheet ~ 1st Grade

Math -Interactive Math Activities

Math - Number Charts to Practice counting

Math: Super Kids Math Worksheets.

Math- Times tables in 21 days

Math Worksheets

Math Worksheets: 100 chart blank, odd- even etc

Math Work Worksheets

Math Worksheets ~ Kindergarten

Math Worksheets ~ Grade 1

Math Worksheet for Grade 2

Math: Under the Sea Counting Page  - K

Money Activity Sheets

Money Flashcards

Money Instructor

Money - Printable Worksheets

Making Numbers

Miscellaneous Worksheets

Monthly Calendar Pocket Chart ~ How to Use Pocket Charts

Mother's Day Bookmarks

Multiplication Flash Cards




Notes of Praise

Not Just for Kids Certificates 





Online Stories ~ This is done on the computer

Online Worksheets 

Open Court - Grade 2

Open Court Resources





Paragraph Rubric Generator

Pattern Station


Personal Educational Press:

Create free educational worksheets such as flashcards, game boards, and quizzes to print directly from your browser. Simply choose a word list and an output style. 


Phonics and Phonemic Awareness Worksheets

Phonics Worksheets

Poem Template: I Am

Polar Animals Printable Sheets

Preschool/Kindergarten - Fine motor skills, handwriting, numbers, pattern ,shapes

Pre-School-Kindergarten Handwriting Sheets

Preschool Printable Awards

Printable Personal Award Certificates from Billy Bear

Printables for Elementary School

Printables~ coloring, arts and crafts, awards, etc.

Practice Worksheets
Promise Coupons ~ 
for Mother's Day

Pumpkin Patch Writing








Quality Printable Teaching Resources







Read, Write, Think tools

Reading Certificates

Reading Comprehension

Reading Worksheets: Beginning reading worksheets (Click bottom for tons more)

Reading Printables

 Reading practice - ee, ea

Reading practice - a-e, ai, ay

Reading practice - i-e. igh, y

 Reading practice - oe, oa

Read the word list and color -ow- sound, 
Certificates, labels, and posters in PFD format

Report Card Comments

Rebus Rhymes

RHL School Free Worksheets

      *Reading Comprehension

Rubric Generator for reading, behavior, paragraphs, etc.







School House Printables

School Memory Book

SchoolHouse Printables

SchoolsNet ~ worksheets on language, and literacy lessons

Science ~ Animals, Earth, Rocks and Soil, plus many more

Science- Reading and Comprehension Worksheets for Science

Scrabble Printable Alphabet

Second Grade Language Unit Worksheets 

Sentence Writing Practice-Grade1-2

Sentence Level

Shape Book Templates: Printable Shape Book Template

Short vowel posters

Sight Words

Snow Similies

Snowman Sticker Chart

Snowman Writing Paper ~ color

Snowman Worksheet Practice ~ color

Snowman Writing Paper ~ black and white and easy to print and reproduce      

Social Studies ~ U.S. Presidents, States and Capitals, U.S. History

Spanish, Learn with these free worksheets

Special Mom Award 

Spelling Games ~ pdf 32 pages

Spelling Grid ~blank pdf.

St. Patrick Coloring Pages

St. Patrick's Day Holiday Worksheets

St. Patrick's Day Theme Unit

St. Patrick's Day Hidden Message Word Search

St. Patrick's Day Lucky Charm Sort

St. Patrick's Day Word Search

Success Award Certificates 

Stationary-Themed Printable Stationary

Sub's Daily Report

Sunshine Printouts

Super Kids Math Worksheet Creator


Summer Stationary:






Teacher's Sub Plans

T e a c h e r s - P e t . o r g


Thanksgiving Alphabet for early education

Thanksgiving Bookmarks

Thanksgiving writing paper

ABC Schoolhouse - Thematic Units

Theme Poetry: Poetry to copy onto charts

Time for Time: custom printables showing times you specify

Timesaving Teacher Resources ~ Teacher resources and tools that SAVE TIME! Practical, visually appealing often-used forms, checklists, units, timesaving ideas, and other reproducible worksheets for busy classroom teachers.


Teaching Treasures-Free worksheets according to age.

Thank You  Awards ~ to be given at Thanksgiving

Theme Day:  Detailed lesson plans for all subject areas, printable worksheets, links to related sites, and literature suggestions are included with every Theme Day. 

Theme Sheets

Tutorial World-print out language sheet according to grade level



Valentine Candy Bar Graph

Valentine Games: Printable




Winter Worksheets

Word Connection

Word Formations

WorkSheet Library 

Word Wall Stories,

Word Wheel  

 Worksheet Generator from Discovery School

Worksheets: Critical Thinking Worksheets

Worksheet Generator

Worksheets Galore

Worksheet Puzzle Maker

Write on Shapes - Story It - Story Starters and Language Art Resources for Children and their Teachers.

Write the Sentence

Writing: daily writing ideas

Writing Center Stationary

Writing Worksheets

Writing Workshop






You're Special  ~ lots of choices for Valentine's Day

Zoom School



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