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Every picture tells a story Students will learn to "read" illustrations, identify informative symbols, and create their own illustrations to text. In the second lesson plan, "Creating a Wall Story", students will be creating their own illustrations to better understand character, setting, plot, and theme, and portray them in a unique quilt story board on a class wall.
Online Stories and Resources for Kids Dedicated to children and children's stories
Children's Story Books Online Illustrated stories for kids of all ages
Game Goo Online interactive. Learning that sticks. Spelling, synonyms, etc.
Sequencing a Story How to sequence a story
Learn how to do a running record with this online tutorial This is great.  It will take you away from this site though.
During Guided Reading What are other kids doing during a guided reading lesson?
Guided Reading Mini Lessons-still working on this Mini lesson should be a reading skill you want students to apply
What Students Can Do With Books Ideas of what students can do when they complete a book
Literature Log Online log for students
Partner Reading


Reading Comprehension  
Reading Response Journal Ideas for students on what to put into a response journal.
Procedures for Literature Groups List of rules
Literature Circles What is a Literature Circle?
Jobs of the Literature Circle A list of jobs and what they mean
Worksheet for Jobs Literature Circle practice worksheets
 Dolch Sight Word Lists From Pre-primer to third grade
300 Most Common Words Words needed for reading and writing in Grades 1-3.
Reading Dolch Words, reading letter
Reading Tips Prompts, parent tips, Frequently asked questions, getting a child interested
Reading Letter to Parents  
Reading Activities After reading activities
Reading Strategies  
How to Choose a Good Book  Modeling, baskets, 5 finger method
How to Choose a Good Book for Students Is the book your students are choosing too easy, too hard, or just right?
Why read for 20 minutes every night?  
Getting Students to Think Twenty questions to get students to think
Questions To Ask Your Child About A Story Only ask one or two questions while reading the story and again ask only one or two questions after reading.
Book Talk Pointers A list of pointers for book talks
Making a Story Map How to make a story map.
Story Map Worksheet for a story map
What To Do When You Finish a Book A poster to go over with the kids
Book Club Telling parents about ordering books for the classroom
Biography Day Book Report Form After reading biographies, how to write a book report from a different aspect.  
Biography Day Parent letter explaining biography report.
Free Worksheets Tons of free worksheets and  awards for the classroom.
Reading Poems

Poems from poetry themes

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